More Support for Canada’s Veterans

Canadian Veterans struggling with months-long waits for pensions and benefits can count on a new Conservative government to take immediate action to get them the support they deserve.

Instead of forcing Veterans to work harder for government benefits, it’s time the government worked harder for our Veterans’ benefit. It’s time for a government that works harder for you; it’s time for you to get ahead.

Scheer highlighted that a new Conservative government will:

  1. Enshrine, in legislation, a Military Covenant between the Government of Canada and all Canada’s Veterans. This will guarantee that every Veteran is treated with respect and is provided services in a timely manner.
  2. Clear the current backlog of Veterans’ benefit applications within 24 months.
  3. Create a reliable, dependable pension system that, unlike the Liberal status quo, is fair to Canada’s most disabled Veterans.
  4. Strengthen transition services to support discharged or retired Canadian Armed Forces members.
  5. Strike an independent inquiry to provide answers about Canadian Armed Forces members who were administered mefloquine.
  6. Provide more service dogs to Canadian Veterans in their communities.
  7. Put vital commemoration projects, like the National Memorial for Canada’s War in Afghanistan, back on track.

These actions are simple, straightforward, and practical.

They require new investment from a new government, but even more importantly, they require new priorities. 

Our military heroes are deserving. Our military heroes are worth it